Meet Our Team

Photo of Darwyn Sprik, RICP®, LUTCF<sup>®</sup>, CLTC

Darwyn Sprik, RICP®, LUTCF®, CLTC

Founder & Financial Advisor

Our founder Darwyn Sprik, has been helping out clients in financial, business succession, and estate planning since 2009. By asking the right questions and having authentic relationships with his clients, he helps them gain clarity and prioritize their goals while utilizing some of the best resources in the industry. Darwyn, and his team, builds plans with his clients to reach these important goals, puts their minds at ease and helps the, “begin with the end in mind.”

Photo of Darwyn Sprik, RICP®, LUTCF<sup>®</sup>, CLTC

Ramsey Johnsen, AFA

Associate Financial Advisor

Ramsey, an associate financial advisor, embodies our commitment to strategic, trust-based, and educational financial planning. With a keen understanding of modern financial challenges, he collaborates with clients to navigate their financial journeys – from those just beginning to those well into their retirement years – while ensuring recommendations align with our rigorous approval process overseen by employing IAR.

Photo of Stacey Smidt

Becky Schuurmans

Registered Service Assistant & Office Manager

As a Registered Services Assistant & Sprik Financial Group’s Office Manager, Becky works directly with our clients, the underwriters, and service teams, to ensure an exceptional experience. She handles the communication, administration, and the tedious tasks needed to ensure a quick turn-around time.

Photo of Stacey Smidt

Stacey Smidt

Registered Service Assistant

As a Registered Service Assistant, Stacey works with our clients, the underwriters and service teams to ensure a quick turn-around time and exceptional service.