The Sprik Way

Authentic Interaction

At Sprik Financial Group, we never assume we know everything about a client. Even if you come to us looking for a specific solution, we do our best to uncover your goals and how it will affect your overall plan. To us, you’re never just a one-time investment. You’re a person with goals, fears, and desires, and we want to help you make the most of your resources to support a future that you’re excited about. We know you’re busy, so when you do take the time to meet with us, we let you do the talking. We’ll answer questions and offer recommendations when the time is right, but we know that by discovering who you are, we’ll do a much better job helping you create a plan.

Culture Coaching

As financial planners in America, we think it’s important to acknowledge something: our society is desperately vying for our attention—and wallets—all the time. It’s incredibly easy for money to slip through your fingers, almost without you realizing it. We have the ability to buy a car without ever leaving the couch. It’s convenient now, but it can be incredibly debilitating in the long run. At Sprik, we know that if you don’t plan intentionally, it’s too easy to spend resources on temporary indulgences that don’t support your overall goals. Financial planning isn’t about being stingy or eliminating fun—it’s about creating balance between your life now and your future later. That’s why we focus our practice so much on visualizing. We know that when you picture what you want, it motivates you to act in line with your long-term goals, not just what’s easy now. We do this because we want you to be the winner at the end of the day—not the company running your credit card.

The Right Time in The Right Way

When you begin to visualize your future, it can be tempting to chase anything and everything that could enhance that vision. But at Sprik Financial Group, we believe in planning for everything at the right time, in the right way. Our intention is to thoroughly review any and every aspect of your finances that you’ll allow us to help you with. If we don’t think you’re ready for a certain step in your plan, we’ll let you know; and if we think it’s time to take action, we’ll tell you. We’re here to help you establish meaningful priorities with your finances, and we promise that if you trust us with the process, the pieces will fall into place.